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UPGRADIFY! Finally a solution to BedHogitis.

Did you know a significant number of Americans suffer from the results of sharing the bed with someone afflicted with BedHogitis?

The Beducators and Sleep Scientist of Mattress City have found a solution.

Introducing: The Upgradify Sale! Happening now you can enjoy a King Mattress for the price of a queen at Mattress City!

Finally, there is a solution to Bed-hog-itis...Ask your Mattress City Beducator if Upgradify is right for you.

For a limited time, The Upgradify Sale is happening at all of Mattress City’s convenient Puget Sound locations. That’s right, you can upgrade to a full-size mattress for the price of a twin. Upgrade to a queen for the price of a full. And upgrade to a King for the price of a queen. *On select mattresses, while supplies last. When they’re gone they’re gone.

If you sleep longer than 8 hours, you may experience extra energy, better relationships with co-workers and family members, moments of joy, peace, harmony, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and love for your fellow man. Be prepared for enhanced beauty as a result of better sleep courtesy of Mattress City.

If complications from bed-hogitis persist, ask your Mattress City Beducator about an adjustable power base. If you know a bed hog, or someone who shares a bed with someone afflicted with BedHogits, please share this important message

Low on cash? Click here to learn more about Mattress City's Approve Me Payment Solutions program.

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