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Owner of Mattress City, Stewart Patey Makes Senior Winner of $1000 Sweepstakes Day

Owner of Mattress City, Stewart Patey, delivered special news to one lucky senior citizen today. He was wishing Pamela congratulations as the grand prize winner of the Mattress City $1000 Shopping Spree for her to buy a new mattress or whatever accessories that she needs. Stewart commented, "it just goes to show you that sometimes when you sign up for something it really does pan out." Pamela said that the prize could not have come at a better time as her birthday is the 25th. It is a great birthday present. She added, I'm turning 71."

She goes on to say, "it’s really great because I just got a shot in my back because of back pain the mattress I have is a used one from my older sister, and it is not a good one, so this is just a great blessing, thank you so much."

As the story goes, Pamela was waiting to buy a new mattress but she's on social security only so that makes it very difficult to save up and buy anything but she kept looking and hoping she might find a special sale or she guessed even doing more praying. "My prayers have been answered." Unfortunately, she is having knee replacement surgery on the 31st of August, so a new mattress would be amazing.

Stewart added, "timing is everything and we love it when we can give a gift to someone who's actually in need of it and that is also a lucky winner and we appreciate you allowing us to record you here um sharing this good news with you. After agreeing to meet at their Auburn location Stewart added that Pamela would get a chance to meet his wife, Julie so that they could both congratulate her in person.

Stewart commented, "what makes it even better is the fact that not only did you win, but somebody I think is really deserving of winning this contest. I am so glad that you did because, again, you know you mentioned the power of prayer I believe very, very strongly in the power of prayer and God does listen and he answers prayers. He does it all the time for me. If you knew the rest of my story. They actually had articles and everything on me, but you know last year about a year and three months I was paralyzed and in a coma and Pamela God can bring you out of anything and I'm just so glad to see that you are going to be able to really utilize this nice gift."

It is a good day in America when one caring citizen can give a gift to another! Congratulations Pamela! Welcome to the Mattress City Friends & Family where we are known for delivering five-star experiences!

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