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Mattress City, Committed to COMFORT FOR ALL!

(Everett, WA – March 2020) With most businesses shut down due to the coronavirus,

That question is answered with this story.

Charles, an 88-year-old man, came down with the virus and spent 14 days in the hospital fighting for his life. He beat the virus. His daughter Sue was getting ready to bring him home and the hospital staff told her he had to have something clean to sleep on – not an old mattress, not the couch. She began searching and found Mattress City. “We know the importance of what we are dealing with,” says owner Stewart Patey. “We don’t know what’s going to happen next. But as the owners of Mattress City our heart is always on what can we do for our community.” Mattress City is a designated essential service provider, taking care of hospitals, Section 8 housing, and many nonprofits. They were open and took Sue’s call.

Stewart and his wife Julie were on hand to meet Charles when he got home, along with the truck, bed, and two Mattress City employees, wearing gloves and masks, to install the new bed for Charles. “We hope this gives anyone who’s got this virus a helping hand,” says Charles.

The Pateys have always been community-minded, helping wherever they can, but their recent personal experience adds another layer to their giving. “One year ago today, I was in a coma for 2-1/2 months and paralyzed due to the flu,” explains Stewart. “If anyone knows about the seriousness of this kind of stuff, it’s me. I shouldn’t have lived through it, so when I got news of this 88-year-old gentleman coming through, it was incredible. You need something, we’re here for you. This is where the rubber meets the road."

# # #

Stewart Patey has worked and managed other large mattress and furniture stores yet has always wanted to provide the type of customer service he believes everyone deserves. He and Julie started Mattress City to help people with one of the most important purchases they will make. Unique, affordable, family owned, with five locations throughout the Puget Sound.


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