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Mattress City Helps Bust Crime!

Mattress City Helps Bust Crime!

A Local Mattress Retailer helps bring down a part of a Washington State crime ring.

In the midst of one of the most sensitive times for small business owners in America’s history, a group of Washington State criminals decided to take advantage while their attention was focused on finding their way through the pandemic. What they ended up with was handcuffs.

In mid-May of 2020, Mattress City owner Stewart Patey was alerted to the fact that someone posing as a customer attempted to use a stolen credit card at his Everett location. “It was a very elaborate scam,” Patey began. “It involved identity theft, stolen credit cards, and phone calls from the thieves attempting to “buy”thousands of dollars of merchandise. It was such a specific process that I shared it with the rest of the Mattress City management team, and I am glad I did because when that same specific process began to happen at our Shoreline store, we bolted into action!”

On May 21, 2020, the would-be thieves attempted to execute an even bigger swindle, this time at Mattress City’s Shoreline location. After communicating with Patey from a secured line in a back room, the store employees and delivery team reached out to the Shoreline Police Department which immediately sent over 6 officers. While police were making their way to the Mattress City Shoreline location, the thieves became physically agitated and attempted to leave the store quickly. Acting fast, the Mattress City Delivery team moved a delivery truck behind the perpetrator’s vehicle and stalled the thieves by placing mattresses in between aisles, affording the Shoreline Police enough time to arrive and arrest the would-be thieves.

Mattress City Owner Stewart Patey concluded by saying, “I would like to acknowledge the Shoreline PD and thank them for their important work at this critical time. I am also exceedingly proud of the Mattress City team. Not only did they aid in delivering justice, but my guys and gals probably saved the next small business these thieves would have targeted.”

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