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Snoozzz In-A-Box starting at $399!

Mattress City’s Snoozzz In-A-Box Memory Foam/Gel Infused Mattress, checks in with 3-layer gel-infused memory foam of the cozy, cool comfort found in Every Mattress City In-A-Box mattress.

Just beneath the 3-layers of gel-infused memory foam, you’ll find a firmer more supportive layer that supports the natural curves of the human body, encouraging a more restful sleep with less tossing and turning.

Every Snoozzz In-A-Box Memory Foam/Gel Infused Mattress includes charcoal technology, ideal for wicking away moisture and keeping your body at an ideal temperature. Finally, the quilted ticking of the knitted cover features an ultra-soft touch to your Snoozzz Mattress.  Click here to learn more and shop!

*In stock now, while supplies last. 

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