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Looking for a Mattress In-A-Box, but don't know where to look?  Look no further than Washington Owned Mattress City!   We deliver within a 15-mile radius from all 5 of our Puget Sound Locations!

Mattress City is the proud home in the Pacific Northwest for the award-winning Nectar Mattresses.   


Add to that:

  • White-Glove Delivery from our 5-Star Mattress City Delivery Team

  • 120-Day Comfort Guarantee

  • The Lowest Prices on Nectar Mattresses ANYWHERE

  • Try BEFORE you buy

  • In-store pick up available

  • Low on cash?  Approve Me! Program available on Nectar

  • Click to start the Approve Me Application.

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Nectar Mattresses from Mattress City provide superior support and dual-action cooling by using patented materials engineered to help regulate your temperature and help you sleep deeper. It features 12” of premium materials that cradle your body to help relieve pressure and help provide ultimate support.

This innovative memory foam with a higher density than what is found in traditional foam products. The increased density helps provide superior pressure relief for a plush, floaty rest.

You spend a third of your life in bed. Nectar makes that time more comfortable, restful, and even a touch bouncier than other memory foam mattresses, so you can sleep in more often. 

Mattress City is proud to feature both Nectar Memory Foam and Nextar Lush Mattresses at all 5 of our Puget Sound locations and we would be happy to bring these wonderful mattresses right to your door. 

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